Cliffside Mills Give Many Prizes to best gardens
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Cliffside, Aug. 29—On last Friday night the annual prizes, given for about sixteen years by the Cliffside Mills, were awarded in the presence of a capacity audience in Cliffside Hall. The honor of having the best and prettiest garden was given to Mrs. J. Y. Padgett by the committee of three, B. E. Roach, Mrs. H. R. Robertson and Mrs. P. B. Freeman, of Avondale. A long list of the winners of the second to eighth prizes is given below. The hall, large as it is, could hardly accommodate all who attended. Z. O. Jenkins presided in his usual efficient manner.

Beautiful Decorations.

As each year has passed the competition has become keener and it is considered a genuine honor to win first prize. It is not only the money, several hundred dollars in awards being given annually by the Cliffside Mill, but the distinction it confers which makes the decision of the committee to be waited for with such eagerness. The stage has always been a scene of beauty and last Friday night the decorations were finer and more beautiful than ever before. The back of the stage was banked with large potted plants and cut flowers abounded everywhere in pretty baskets. With the exception of the arrangement of a few of the clusters of flowers by Miss Willie Carpenter and Mrs. J. C. Hames, the entire work of decoration was done by the Boy Scouts.

The ability of Mr. Jenkins to preside at such affairs is too well known to require comment. It suffices to state he was in a very happy mood and his brief remarks, as he introduced B. P. Caldwell, the Superintendent of the Cliffside Schools, were capital. Mr. Caldwell made an able address in which he stressed the co-operation in the work of the schools. B. E. Roach then followed with another excellent speech Mr. Roach commented on conditions as found and noted by the committee. Throughout the evening the Cliffside band, under the capable leadership of C. M. Collins, played and both Mr. Collins and the band deserve the commendation of all who heard them.

List of Prize Winners.

The following is the complete list of the winners:

First prize: Mrs. J. Y. Padgett.

Second prize: Mrs. George Pruette, Mrs. G. C. Shuford and Mrs. G. K. Moore.

Third prize: Mrs. Hester Carpenter, Mrs. J. E. Jonas, Mrs. J. P. Carpenter, Mrs. O. G. Moorehead and Mrs. G. L. Goforth.

Fourth prize: Mrs. A. T. Robinson, Mrs. R. H. Jackson, Mrs. Carrie Hardin, Mrs. R. C. Smith and Mrs. B. E McCurry.

Fifth prize: Mrs. L. G. Garvin, Mrs. N. L. Harris, Mrs. C. L Rhymer, Mrs. O. C. Blanton, Mrs. Coran Padgett, Mrs. William B. Wilson, Mrs. I. S. Higgins, Mrs. J. R. Padgett, W. M. Marshman, Mrs. O. R. Hardin, Mrs. D. C. Colvin, Mrs. C. D. Hughes and Miss Macie Bridges.

Sixth prize: Mrs. P. C. Hawkins, Mrs. S. L. Thompson, Mrs. J. I. Rhinehardt, Mrs. J. C. Carpenter, Mrs. L. W. McKinney, Mrs. G. B. Hill, Mrs. O. T. Crawley, Mrs. Frank Atkinson, Mrs. Joe Mckinney, Mrs. Monroe Bridges, Mrs. Z. V. Hudgins, Mrs. C. T. Greene, Mrs. W. A. Rhymer, Mrs. J. H. Condrey, Mrs. R. L. Pruett, Mrs. D. C. Splawn, Mrs. M E. Horne, Mrs. J. W. Padgett, Mrs. G. R. Waters and Mrs. R. L. Sparks.

Seventh prize: Mrs. J. J. Frye, Mrs. D. C. Whitaker, Mrs. J. R. Herd, Mrs. M. W. Martin, Mrs. R. B. Watkins, Mrs. B. L. Davidson, Mrs. W. P. Carpenter, Mrs. Boyce Bridges, Mrs. Bob Watkins Mrs. Fran Hamrick, Mrs. Sally Scruggs, Mrs. J. R. Norville, Mrs. Lizzie Goode, Mrs. T. L. Blanton, Mrs. Katie Keeter, Mrs. D. W. Causby, Mrs. G. S. Bridges, Mrs. Eva Hamrick, Mrs. W. S. McSwain, Mrs. Dewey McDaniel, Mrs. Rayburn, Mrs. T. M Crow, Mrs. Newell Pearson, Mrs. Syd White, Mrs. C. S. Greene, Mrs. D. W. Jones, Mrs. P .O. Winn, Mrs. H. E. Parris, Mrs. G. P. McCurry, Mrs. A. L. Campbell, Mrs. D. T. Freeman, Mrs. M. C. Blanton, Mrs. Q. W. Lemmons, Mrs. George Blanton, Mrs. Chester Scruggs, Mrs. B. F. Biggerstaff and Miss Myrtle Crowder.

Eighth Prize Winners.

Eighth prize: Mrs. D. T. Bridges, Mrs. J. C. Hames, Mrs. Bessie Hensley, Mrs. H. F. Burgess, Mrs. R. C. Watkins, Mrs. Luther Campbell, Mrs. Charles McCurry, Mrs. W. W. Winn, Mrs. M. W. Heckard, Mrs. G. C. Martin, Mrs. John I. Scruggs, Mrs. Gary Moore, Mrs. J. S. Atchley, Mrs. John Hardin, Mrs. Cecil Bridges, Mrs. Scott Goode, Mrs. Odie Lancaster, Mrs. W. T. Grady, Mrs. M. R. Whitaker, Mrs. J. Q. Stacey, Mrs. A. L. Harrill, Mrs. J. E. Nanney, Mrs. C. D. Scruggs, Mrs. R. Y. Brackett, Mrs. H. G. Womick, Mrs. J. F. Clayton, Mrs. R. A. McDaniel, Mrs. Luke Brooks, Mrs. C. H. Whitesides, Mrs. Geneva Jones, Mrs. J. I. Harris, Mrs. Roy Greene, Mrs. June Thrift, Mrs. N. W. Hames, Mrs. D. S. Greene, Mrs. B. I. Thrift, Mrs. Ed McSwain, Mrs. Herbert Packard, Mrs. I. E. Jones, Mrs. Horace Scruggs, Mrs. I. B. Camp, Mrs. C. Splawn, Mrs. W. T. Lookadoo, Mrs. C. E. Daggerhardt, Mrs. Lee Putnam, Mrs. G. R. Conner, Mrs. J. D. Melton, Mrs. A. B. Johnson, Mrs. Fred Greene, Mrs. J. C. Fisher, Mrs. H. C. Aldridge, Mrs. J. G. Parris, Mrs. H. P. Elders, Mrs. W. B. Padgett, Mrs. Guy Frye, Mrs. J. F. Atkinson, Mrs. J. W. Wise, Mrs. E. C. Brooks, Mrs. George Fox, Mrs. J. F. Duncan, Mrs. W. A. Henson, Mrs. E. H. Callahan, Mrs. Etta Ruppe and Miss Callie Crawley.

The Committee with Z. O. Jenkins went to the colored people's church on Thursday night of last week and awarded prizes to them. The committee always looks forward to this event as well as the date for the white people for the colored folks always sing for them and usually make speeches too.

This item was printed in The Sun on August 29, 1927.